One Man's Dream to Explore S.E. Asia from the Comfort of His Own Sailboat

I've dreamed of exploring South Asia from the comfort of my own yacht for years...

But now it's time to make the dream a reality!   Before I can cast off though, I still need to buy a yacht that's seaworthy enough to cross oceans, roomy enough to live aboard, yet affordable enough to buy and outfit with my current savings.  I also need to create a viable/affordable plan for getting the boat to Asia .  This website is a place for me to organize my thoughts, record my research, and create my plan.  If you have a similar dream, welcome aboard. I hope you find this site useful.

The Boat

I'll need an affordable yet seaworthy craft, small enough to sail single handed, yet big enough to call home for years on end.  The quest begins by selecting and outfitting a suitable little yacht.  A stalwart vessel; one that inspires confidence in all that come aboard.  One common characteristic of S.E. Asian waters is that from China to India they are covered in fishing nets.  I'll need a boat that can slip over these nets without getting tangled in them and provoking the ire of the locals. 

The Journey

From New York to Thailand is about 20,000km, so I've got my work cut out for me.  There is so much to learn in such a short period of time.  It is almost overwhelming.  It would be a lie, if said I wasn't afraid of the journey.  The furthest I've ever sailed is from Florida to the Bahamas.  I wish my father was still alive, he could help me make the the trip, or talk me out of it!  But we only get one life, and though I have a healthy fear/respect for the power of mother nature (the sea in particular) it's time to put up or shut up.

About The Author of This Site


I started out in university studying international business, but dropped out of school after two years to take a dream job in Hong Kong.  After working in Asia for 20 years as a businessman, I returned to school and got a degree in Asian Studies. This helped answer many questions I developed as a young businessman in Asia during my 20's & 30's.  Over the years, I've developed a profound admiration and respect for the various Asian cultures and I am looking forward to learning more about them. 


I've spent over 30 years in Asia helping American companies set up and run their S.E. Asian operations.  This has afforded me an opportunity to travel, throughout China, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar by land, and I am now looking forward to seeing the rest of South East Asia by sea.

Going forward, I hope to continue consulting while I'm in Asia, but I'm willing to teach English, wash dishes, clean fish, or whatever it takes to continue funding this adventure.

Sailing Experience

While I've spent more time dreaming about sailing than I have spent actually sailing, I have sailed a small pocket yacht (a 19' West Wight Potter) to the Bahamas on a one month voyage with my 2 young sons.  I currently own a 23' Compac sailboat,  which I have sailed to Catalina Island on several occasions.  But the venture I'm planning now, will by far eclipse anything I've done so far.  I make no claim to being a seasoned sailor.  In fact, I am just now at the beginning of my career as sailor.


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One man's dream to explore S.E. Asia from the (dis)comfort of his own yacht

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