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Other Sailors That Are Living The Dream

Sailing With Andy - Follow solo sailor Andy on his journey around the world on his stout little yacht.

Crystal Blue Vacation - Follow a stalwart little  Island Packet 29 (named Crystal Blue) as she makes her way from the fresh water lakes of the American N.E. to the tropical waters and islands of S.E. Asia.

Jack Van Ommen - Follow this older gentleman on his Solo Circumnavigation.  BTW - He is the only Sailor I know of that has sailed into Vietnam in the last 25 years.

Sailing La Vagabond - Follow this young attractive Aussie couple as they cruise the world and do a great job of sharing the details with the rest of us via various forms of on-line media.

Second-hand Yachts For Sale

Yacht World - One of the best Internet Sites for finding used Motor & Sailing Yachts anywhere in the world.

Sailboat - Nothing but sailboats here.  This is where I found my boat.

On-line Sailing Communities, Forums, News, Etc.

Sail Net - A great on-line sailing community with multiple forums.

Cruisers Forum - A very active sailing community for cruisers.  Also, with many forums.

Cruiser Log - World Cruising & Sailing Forums.

Latitude 38 - An on-line West Coast (USA) sailing magazine, with it's sister site; Pacific Puddle Jump that provides a great deal of useful info for anyone looking to cross the pacific by sailing yacht.

Noonsite - Their stated goal is to to provide cruising sailors with information regarding the necessary formalities, paperwork and costs for clearing into all countries worldwide, plus essential marine facilities in all ports, But I particularly like their section on Weather.

Active Captain -  A great resource for finding Anchorages & Marinas.  Create an account, log in and go to the interactive map to access locations and reviews of anchorages & Marinas.

Weather Related Sites

Soggy Paws Weather Reference Page (for crossing the Pacific)