Sailing Asia In A Small Yacht!

My dream is to explore the islands and waters of S. E. Asia from the comfort of my own humble yacht.

It's time to stop dreaming though and start planning.  Rather than wait till I can save enough money to buy a big new yacht, I intend to purchase a smaller second-hand yacht so I can get started on my adventure while I still have the health and energy to enjoy it. I will follow Lin Pardey's suggestion to "go small and to go now." 

To visit exotic places, meet exotic people, eat exotic food, and learn about exotic cultures

I will continue to work part-time in a manner that will allow me, not only support myself on an extended sojourn in the exotic tropical climes of S.E. Asia, but that will also provide  an opportunity to get to know the beautiful and interesting people of this part of the world.  Part of the challenge will be choosing the right country to serve as my base of operations.

Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, The Philippines, Ect.

The names of these tropical Asian countries strike up more than just images of crystal blue waters, palm trees and white sandy beaches.  They strike up images of exotic cultures, ancient ruins, and towering islands, all waiting to be discovered by intrepid sailors that are willing to sail off of the beaten path.